How Can Email Encryption Help Your Business?

These days all types of business communications are done via emails. And it’s a fact that virtually every enterprise transmits some sensitive data via email at some point during the year. One of the ways to combat the multitude of email attacks that occur on a daily basis is encryption. Email encryption services prevent others from reading or tampering with your messages. But that’s not all. Read on to learn the several other advantages such services come with.

1.  Protect confidential information

This is the most common reason why you will encrypt your company’s email. Email encryption protects confidential information and prevents hackers from deciphering business communications. If your emails are not encrypted, then hackers can gain access to company accounts and databases and more vulnerable information. You need to keep in mind that email encryption is there to safeguard your sensitive messages that have been mistakenly sent or intercepted by a hacker.

2.  Ensure secure business

Confidential information going outside organizations or public authorities could prove fatal to your organization. The information leak may result in a loss of income or reputation. Without encryption, any stranger can have access to the information which comes with your email. Your competitors can use such information against you, and your trade secrets can be revealed. Therefore try to invest in email encryption services to avoid the risks.

3. Helps avoid Identity Theft

If any person gets hold of your user name and password which you use to get to your email servers, he or she can read the emails which you send and also send fake email messages on your behalf. This is referred to as identity theft and can be avoided if you go in for email encryption.

4.  Cost saving

Email encryption services are budget friendly. If you encrypt your emails, then you do not have to purchase any additional software to protect your network. Keep in mind that all essential features for encryption are included within the email service for your use. Another aspect is that you need not to hire a large group of professionals to maintain your company’s different email accounts, which will save the cost as well.

5.  Saves time

Email encryption services minimize the hassle of administrations and lower overall costs and save time. Its new technology eliminates the pre-enrollment and certificate management hassles of PKI encryption. You just need to provide your email ID for encryption. Hosted key management helps to save time. It helps to ensure the availability of encryption keys 24 hours and provides the password and key recovery without the need for IT involvement.

 6.  Helps to conduct fair communication

It’s easy to forge regular email messages, so you can never really prove that any one person has sent you a particular message. This connotes that though an individual truly sent you a specific message, he can deny sending it. This has serious implications regarding business communications. Anyone can deny or disagree regarding receiving a contract, approval letter, etc. Email encryption will help you to work transparently with your partner. Moreover, remember that the backups of server disks encompass text copies of your messages. These backups can be present for years. Anyone who has access to the backup files can read your messages and use the information to your disadvantage. So to build a trustworthy relationship with your business partner go for email encryption services.

7.  No spam attachments

Nothing is worse than once you get to know that a spam email has been sent to everybody in your contact list together from your side. It can make you look unprofessional. With email encryption, you can add a digital signature to every email you send. Regardless of whether the recipient has decryption software or not, they will be able to easily tell if the email has been sent by you, or if it is spam. This way, more people will put trust in your business.

Every enterprise needs an email encryption service. Whether it is through stringent policy-based encryption or encrypting every single email, enterprises can gain innumerable data security benefits from the simple act of initiating end-to-end email encryption. Have you explored email encryption services before? Do you’ve any questions? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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