How Digital Marketing Company Strategies Can Increase Your Business Sales

With well over 600 million internet users, China is the most sought-after market, especially amongst medium-sized or startup companies. With such a huge target audience, a successful ad campaign can boost revenue tenfold!

You don’t need to be a digital marketing company in China to fall through; here are five of the strategies you can incorporate into your campaign and get your money’s worth in advertising your brand!

Irresistible Content:

Gone are the days when mediocre work was acceptable when accompanied by a fairly good picture. Nowadays, website aesthetics can make or break a company! A well-accepted website would consist of an expertly written and compelling set of articles, an intriguing video advert at the least, and stunningly shot pictures incorporated in a systematic, smoothly transitioning and multi-device compatible fashion. Anything grimy or poorly executed will not be given a second glance.

Sparing extra resources to have a running and constantly updated website will definitely do you well in the long run. Some of the more popular video software used by most digital marketing companies include YouKu, Baidu or Sohu.

Mobile Marketing Strategy

It cannot be stressed enough, how important it is for your websites to be made mobile-friendly. In the fast-paced world such as today, it is common knowledge that the average human being has his/her cell phone on or in near reach of them at all times. They may access your website through user input search engines, advertising on their social media, or a shared link from someone they know. Imagine they open it, excited to view what your brand has to offer, only to realize how glitchy the website is on their phone. There are two possibilities here- either they actually log into your website on a laptop and complete their purchase or, more likely, they lose interest and leave the website, frustrated. Chances are, they will correlate your brand with that experience in the future as well. What you just saw was a potential customer being driven away by your lack of compatibility with their more accessible devices.

The main job of a digital marketing company in China is to ensure that this scenario does not occur by launching a website that switches seamlessly on any device without losing information, symmetric dimensions, or transitioning ease.

This allows for a much higher rate of happy customers, thereby increasing your revenue and brand name.

WeChat Account

When trying to connect with a new crowd, it is important to study the best ways to connect and relate to them. In China, WeChat is a widely popular multimedia messaging mobile app. 6 out of 10 consumers check this application at least ten times a day, more than half of them being teenagers, and adults. If this falls under your target demographic, make an official account so as to promote your products using this digital marketing company strategy in China! There are numerous marketing specific features for you to choose and take advantage of.

Positive reviews lead to a good reputation

Chinese culture strongly supports the idea of ‘keeping face’. A company getting a bad review or a scandal can lead to an immediate drop in consumer support. It is, therefore, key to keep your reputation healthy and positive. This will not only help keep your current consumer base satisfied but will ensure the spreading of your brand name, increasing it.

Search Engine Optimization

Let us assume you have great content, spot-on advertisements, a well-functioning website, and of course, a great product to sell! How do you make it known to the millions of Chinese consumers that you are on the market? Proper research must always be done on the best ways to spread your brand name and information pertaining to your products locally. When we talk about strategies used by a typical digital marketing company in China, it is vital to use the Baidu Search Engine. It is the most utilized search engine in China, with nearly all searches here, going through Baidu.

When you are targeting the Chinese crowd, you must ensure you build a Chinese website with a local host and optimize it for Baidu. Include keywords, keep the website updated, and diverse—ensure your material is relatable to the local consumer and you are ready to venture out into the new demography!

One thing to keep in mind while you set out to conquer a new (and oftentimes, foreign) land is that it is crucial that you abide by the rules of the Country. Make sure you know what is legal and what is absolutely inadmissible and stay within their legal margins to build to a very healthy relationship with the country.

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