How Does an Esports Agency Work?

As your eSports agency can attest, eSports is big business—big like the NFL, NHL, or even the NBA. The only difference is that we are talking about gamers here, people who devote their time and resources to video games. Simply put, eSports involves individuals that compete in organized video gaming. Imagine players from different teams who face off playing the same games that are so popular at home, games like the infamous Fortnite, League of Legends, Call of Duty and Madden NFL, just to name a few. Just like the ‘big sports,’ people watch esportsTV.

What is eSports?

eSports is the official name given for competitive gaming. Unlike video games of the past that involved playing solo, video games today are multi-player and can be very lucrative, for the best of the best. Quite simply, eSports are organized competitions where players—often referred to as ‘athletes’—face off against each other in multiplayer video games. An eSports agency can help athletes negotiate complicated contracts, ensuring fair treatment and compensation.

eSports and education

eSports is becoming so popular that even the NBA hosted a draft launch of its new eSports league that centres around the popular video game, NBA 2K. The draft launch saw 102 professional eSports players selected in a similar fashion to the actual NBA draft. As the popularity and importance of eSports grows, eSports agencies are starting to see colleges get in on the action. Today, more than 50 colleges in the Unites States offer eSports programs that are recognized by the National Association of Collegiate eSports (NACE). Each year, the NACE hands out thousands of dollars in prize money for recipients to use towards their education.

eSports is a big business

Like the big athletes we all hear about today who are represented by big brands, such as Nike and Adidas, eSports athletes also must strengthen their brand in order to capitalize on their marketing potential.  There are many ways for professional eSports competitors to financially capitalize on their brand and likeness, such as through promotional events, endorsement deals, sponsorships, and product placements, for example. A reputable eSports agency can help with strategy, branding, and promotion of an eSports athlete, which in turn can result in a lucrative eSports career.

Why is an eSports agency so important?

eSports agencies combine the function of a sports agent with the brand creation of a marketing expert. Hiring the right eSports agency can help you build your brand around your eSports athlete or team, and that will help you achieve the all-important brand awareness you need to become recognizable among different platforms of audiences. Just like with any ordinary brand, your reputation is what attracts and engages your audience, and you need to make sure the image and message your eSports athletes project aligns with the message your audience wants to receive. An eSports agent can help ensure that you are sending the right message through all of your eSports athlete’s interactions and representations. That’s how you gain sponsorship opportunities and endorsements, and it’s how you build a positive and mutually beneficial relationship with your fans.

eSports in numbers

CNN reported that eSports revenue, according to research from Newzoo, was predicted to reach $906 million worldwide in 2018. By 2019, that number was expected to surpass $1 billion. Tournaments can boast millions of dollars in prize money, which is typically split between the players on the winning teams. That means the world’s top players can easily earn seven figures in a year. Teams and event organizers also benefit from tickets sales for these competitions. Players also earn money from sponsorships, endorsements, and league salaries. Newzoo reports that brands will invest $694 million in eSports ventures this year alone. An eSports agency can help athletes capitalize on their talent and build their brand.

 What else can eSports agencies do?

Brands looking to create an eSports experience that involves individuals from the world of eSports can hire an eSports agency. Top agencies will be connected to popular YouTubers, pro gamers, and video game influencers that can provide an amazing experience for your brand.  eSports agencies also can help with improving brand awareness by reaching new audiences and helping brands connect with the most beneficial sponsorship opportunities.

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