Reasons to Approach a WeChat Marketing Agency

If you’re looking to expand your business into the burgeoning marketplace of China, there are various ways to put yourself out there: in a new market, you are exposed to a different kind of target audience. How do you appeal to them? How do you make a lasting impression that’ll make them want to come back? Social media search engine optimization has proven to be one such effective method with which a foreign company can promote their image with relative ease.

How Does WeChat Help Your Business?

Before we get to that, let’s talk about the app, WeChat. This is the single largest social network in China today and is slowly making its way on an international level. The platform in China is known as Weixin, which was first released as a mere messaging app back in the year of 2011. It has come a long way from there, where it grew into an “everything app” almost overnight. Today, WeChat offers ride-sharing, gaming, shopping, and even government services (believe it or not).

With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube banned in Mainland China, WeChat doesn’t have much competition from the west, but Japan’s Line and South Korea’s Kakao Talk do pose a certain amount of risk from a competitive stance. Non-Chinese brands have found that WeChat was one of the best platforms used to break into the Chinese market. So, to answer the question that is the title of this article, reasons to approach a WeChat Marketing agency: plenty!

What WeChat Marketing Agencies Do?

How does someone who has no experience in the market make a compelling case to a new target audience? Enter: WeChat Marketing Agencies! Hire them and watch as they work their magic.

There are a few ways non-Chinese companies can make use of WeChat to appeal to the general Chinese public today, which is essentially what the WeChat marketing agencies are focused on. Let’s find out what they do to promote your brand:

• WeChat Advertising

There are a few types of ads that are available on WeChat, such as banner ads (which are often placed after articles, at the bottom), or moment ads (that are the Facebook and Instagram-equivalent of in-feed ads).

• WeChat Store

Note that WeChat does not provide links leading to external platforms, so your best shot would be through a WeChat store; this is how a brand would acquire sales through WeChat.

• WeChat Influencer Marketing

WeChat has a term known as “Key Opinion Leaders” (or KOLs), who are basically influencers on WeChat that help new brands tap into the Chinese markets using sponsored posts. This has proven to be very effective for many foreign companies; the Chinese population is loyal followers of their influencers.

• HTML5 Campaigns

You can now host intriguing experiences from your official WeChat accounts with the aid of custom HTML5 campaigns. Come up with a brilliant marketing strategy to create an interactive, immersive experience with the customers to promote your brand. For instance, create a survey that ultimately leads to cracking a promo code!

Now that you have a basic idea about the marketing techniques used by WeChat marketing agencies, don’t forget that tapping into a brand new market can be tough, but you’re not alone. Which is why hiring a WeChat marketing agency is the best possible solution if you’re looking for a way into the Chinese market.

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