Weibo Marketing – How it helps to Promote Online Business

Weibo is a handy tool for marketers who are interested to enter in Chinese digital marketing area. For advertising on Weibo, you need to master various ad functions and options. This blogpost will guide you about different ads on Weibo through its functions. Although China’s social space is no longer dominated by Weibo, it is still growing fast and Weibo marketing is an important tool for businesses wants to gain visibility in China.

Web Influencer Campaigns

They are the most efficient way of carrying promotions on Weibo and are affordable. The use of a simple KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) promotion: gift or pay influencers in exchange for exposure. There are special features that make the platform efficient for KOL marketing – integration with Tmall and Taobao. A user can click on a coupon or product link displayed in a Weibo influencer post and is directly redirected to the relevant page on Tmall or Taobao.

Weibo Advertising

It has a powerful advertising back-end enabled for displaying ads in the user’s news feed and we will discuss some sections for Weibo advertising.

• Fan Tunneling

It is the best way of attracting new followers and customers in large numbers. With this Weibo marketing strategy, you can either promote your account or a single post. This technique is effective for new brands when they do not have followers and focuses on the full Weibo community and not only your existing followers.

• Fan Headlines

They focus on targeting existing followers and their connections. Here your account or post will be displayed at the top news feed of your followers and their other connections. It helps to re-share the content and boosts the visibility among your followers.

• Weibo Search Engine Promotion

Weibo is a smart platform having an inbuilt search feature that allows searching posts, fan pages, and accounts. Weibo marketing provides an effective method for boosting visibility to users making target keyword searches. The main function is to increase the visibility of your account. The cost of Weibo advertising depends on the competitiveness and the popularity of the keywords that you are using for promotions. When the user will hit the search bar, your account will be highlighted on the top list result page.

• Display Advertisements

They come with different dimensions depending on the mobile and web version. When the user clicks on an ad, they are directed to the advertising homepage. With selected keywords, you get a targeted approach for more visibility when the user searches for something.

• Demographic Targeting

Advertisers want to advertise more precisely and set up more than one of the targeting features. There are various targeting options like geographic region, gender, age, competitors list, hobbies and interest (education, health, food and drink, IT, etc), device (tablet, mobile, desktop) and follower relationship. An account with a big community gets a V-verified account stamp near the account image. You can target these accounts during your marketing campaign for reaching al larger community of fans. The right time for targeting is also crucial. Usually, users use the platform in the evening and morning rush hours. It is best to run your ads during these two time periods.

Weibo Lottery

Weibo has a feature for designing lotteries for users to win gifts. Although many Chinese users may not trust the authenticity of a lottery as it is completely organized by the brand, Weibo allows designing contests where users get the permission to take actions (share, like, etc.) and rewarded in a transparent manner.

Cross Promotion

For B2C and B2B promotion, Weibo is a powerful channel. By cross-promoting with other accounts targeting the same group, you can build high-quality followers.

Organic Growth

By definition, it is not easy to manage or control. For generating significant organic growth, proper A-B testing of posts content (to increase re-sharing and engagement) is important. Weibo does not follow the rule of displaying all the content in chronological order to its account holders. Like on the news feed of other social platforms, content having a high engagement rate will be displayed to more users. Therefore it is vital to refine content quality (even if it requires posting at a lower frequency) on a consistent basis.

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