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How Staffing Agencies Help You Manage Freelancers

A growing number of employers prefer to hire freelancers to handle their various work requirements. The reasons for this may vary from wanting to keep the business costs down to wanting to find more capable workers, to wanting to hire only for short-term projects or wanting to maintain a […] Continue Reading…

How Can Email Encryption Help Your Business?

These days all types of business communications are done via emails. And it’s a fact that virtually every enterprise transmits some sensitive data via email at some point during the year. One of the ways to combat the multitude of email attacks that occur on a daily basis is […] Continue Reading…

Why Businesses Need Email Archiving Solutions?

The messages and electronic files that are sent through email for business activities are very important. Unfortunately, one important task many organizations seem to overlook is email archiving. But is it really important? And why do businesses need so? Read on to find out.

Centralized email

Email documents are scattered across […] Continue Reading…

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