Three Tips for Corporate Video Production

Corporate videos have assumed an important role in marketing. They can help create and increase brand awareness across multiple online platforms. You can use them to engage with viewers and inform them of current and upcoming products or services. By and large, people appear to prefer videos to other forms of promotional content like articles and advertisements. A video is brief, gives you its gist quickly, and only requires passive consumption. You don’t have to invest your time in reading and figuring out what the writer meant.

Here are three tips for corporate video production that will make a huge difference in your video marketing strategy:

Tell an Emotionally Impactful Story

Presenting lackadaisical facts in a less than stellar fashion will not win you many viewers. Audiences have become discerning about quality, and you will have to work hard if you want to get and retain their attention. You have to think of creative ways in which to present the information. Most people enjoy a good story. So, you want to tell a story that intrigues viewers and gets them emotionally invested in the video – then they are more likely to remember the story – and thus the organization. While they may not remember your exact product, they will associate the story you told with the organization and the topic at hand. Of course, creating brand awareness is the main factor, after all, in successful marketing campaign.

Be Interesting and Entertaining

Marketing is a competitive field, and a growing number of companies now use videos to promote themselves. They all strive to make unique and impactful videos. It can, therefore, be difficult to gain viewership. You must give people a strong reason to invest their time in watching your videos. There is no surefire formula for this, and every new concept quickly gets snapped up and repeated. It is a bit like being on a merry-go-round. However, sometimes the best advice is to stick to telling the story – forget the glitz – and capture audiences with a well produced story.

That said, the time that it takes to produce video content can quickly lead to a long to-do list. It’s this aspect that is often why organizations prefer to hire video marketing companies to produce videos for them. Quite simply there are not enough hours in a day for small companies to run their businesses and also come up with creative marketing ideas on a regular basis.

Don’t Stray from the Essential Message

While it is crucial to make a professional video, you must not lose sight of your goal. You are making the video to advertise your business and your products or services. Center the story you tell around this objective. Sometimes companies can forget this and, in their quest for being innovative and entertaining, their business ends up taking a backseat to the story. Try to avoid doing this. You don’t want the viewers to wonder what they just watched. You want them to remain aware that they are watching a video about your business. 

If you have a number of different important messages – then work with your video producer to come up with a strategy to share those stories. In that case, the video marketing company will help you to develop a strategy that can capture each story, in a succinct fashion and guide viewers to have a clear understanding of your messaging with each video asset you produce.

If you can incorporate these three tips in your corporate video production strategy, you may have a good chance of standing out among your competitors. Practically speaking, though, think of it as an on-going process. You can maintain your lead only through constantly pushing out content and creating a connection with audiences that positions your organization as a leader and a resource for when they need your goods and/or services. At the end of the day, keep your eye on sharing your message through the best possible marketing videos that you can produce – this will leave your audiences with a positive impression of the organization regardless of whether they find your content on social media, your website, or see it at a trade-show.

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